Welcome to Infrared Post Processing Workflow—this is an IR master course in post processing techniques in Lightroom & Photoshop. Lessons are arranged sequentially from easiest to hardest, starting with B&W processing. Make sure to read all the "Read Me" files for each lesson, and download the various RAW files associated with each lesson. This introduction includes two PDF articles I wrote for Fujilove magazine. Read these before moving on to the B&W or Color projects, as this will give you a basic orientation to infrared capture. VERY IMPORTANT – Watch the video, at the bottom, about the Photoshop Interface. I do not just leave my Photoshop at the defaults—this video will show you how to set up Photoshop to look and work like it does in this series of videos. I think it will make it easier for you to follow along, and I suggest you give it a try. Ok... proceed below ⬇

FujiLove Gear Talk 2021-07.pdf
FujiLove Gear Talk 2021-08.pdf

Special Note

All the work files supplied for this course ARE copyrighted by Lee Varis. These files are intended for educational purposes only! You may not enter any of these images into competitions, gallery shows, etc... as your own work! I hereby give you permission to make a print for your own personal use—you can make a giant print to display over your couch if you like. Please respect my authorship, and my copyright. If you think you have a legitimate reason to display one of my photos publicly, PLEASE ask my permission first.

Thank you for your consideration.

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